Brayden Schager Talks Being QB1 of Warriors

August 31, 2023

Athlete Studio

As the No. 1 quarterback — QB1 — Brayden Schager has earned premier status in an exclusive club.

Schager knows the membership: Garrett Gabriel, Michael Carter, Dan Robinson, Timmy Chang, Nick Rolovich, Bryant Moniz, Colt Brennan, Cole McDonald, Chevan Cordeiro …

It was Chang, now the head coach, who shared the expectations — and scrutiny — of when he was QB1 of the state’s only college football team.

“It definitely comes with the pressure,” Schager said. “You know, the whole state wants me to go out there and succeed. I like that. I like that added pressure. I like that added responsibility. It makes me work harder. Every time I’m in the weight room, every time I’m out there throwing, I think I’ve got to be the one putting on for this state. That’s what Coach Chang told me. I think that’s just been motivation for me.”

To the trolls, Schager ignores the exterior noise. It was an approach suggested by his mother, Ginger Allen, an award-winning broadcast journalist. “You can’t look at the criticism or the praise,” Schager said. “You stay in your own lane. She taught me to not listen to what (critics) say and only worry about yourself because that’s all that matters.”

Schager has spent hours studying the fully implemented run-and-shoot offense; watched videos with Chang, who will call the offensive plays, and worked on building chemistry with the receivers and the O-linemen. Schager, who is 6 feet 3, has gained weight (up to 225 pounds) while adding speed. He can back squat 450 pounds, and his improved arm strength allows him to fling passes up to 70 yards.

Schager also has maintained his “Mob” connections, allowing him retain the joyfulness that sports brought since his childhood. Growing up in the Highland Park section of Dallas, Schager and seven buddies from elementary school were collectively known as the “Mob.” They played 4-on-4 basketball and front-yard football.

“We’d go around to different people’s houses and have a good time,” Schager said. “We’re always having fun when we’re together. They actually came out here in May. They had a good time on the island. I’ve been close with them my whole life.”

Schager also has created bonds with his UH teammates. They have hiked Makapuu, Lanikai Pillbox Trail, and Koko Head, while also going to several beaches.

“I love eating all the local food,” Schager said. “I’ll never eat poke anywhere else but Hawaii because it’s just so fresh, so good, over here.”

He also is getting used to seeing white rice on every menu, including at McDonald’s. At the Warriors training table, he often will get a plate of rice, eggs and Portuguese sausages. “I’m embracing it,” he said.

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